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Your success naturally depends on various different factors. Creativity, quality, food safety and reliability are all important pillars supporting your end product. Meat Insiders is the semi-manufactured meat product development and production partner for the European convenience food industry. Meat Insiders proactively reacts to customers’ requirements and supplies meal components in line with specific needs.

The processes and procedures within your industry have seen some major developments during the past decade. Convenience food product suppliers are now increasingly specialising in supplying end products and often fulfil an assembly plant role. There is an evident need for good partners who can supply top quality customer specific semi-manufactured products. Meat Insiders is one of these partners. The company is constantly in motion in order to ensure we can guarantee optimal and cost efficient production.

Meat Insiders has been active within the fresh and frozen meal components market since 1985. The company is located in a modern business premise at industrial estate Hoogeind in Helmond, the Netherlands and employs around 85 members of staff. This enthusiastic team uses its outstanding market knowledge to develop customer specific meat products. We also produce standard products in addition to our custom made solutions, which guarantee an optimal result for our customers. Meat Insiders supplies semi-manufactured meat products which are produced in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner, ensuring they provide you with an important contribution towards your turnover growth and are therefore the perfect ingredient for success!

Meat Insiders B.V.
Achterdijk 1
5705 CB Helmond (NL)
T +31 (0)492 56 48 06
F +31 (0)492 56 59 63